Golf Swing Weight Distribution Tip: How to Setup a Proper

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Ted Norby, Director of Instruction for the National University Golf Academy, explains how to improve your golf swing by improving your golf balance. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own, leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

I’m Ted Norby, Director of Instruction at the National University Golf Academy. What I’m going to talk about today is weight distribution as I’m setting my posture. There are kind of two thoughts out there right now. Some people believe that too many players put weight too far forward onto the balls of their feet or their toes where there’s nothing left on the heels. The other half is thinking that the weight is too much on the heels and I’ve got to put more weight on the balls of my feet. Well in reality, I want to be more somewhere in the middle, more toward the arches, maybe the weight just in front of the ankle.

So here’s good drill to get that feeling of where I want to be. Not too much on the toes, not too much on the heels. Go to a pool supply place. Get one of those floaty, noddle things. Cut it in half. That way it’s sitting on the ground, flat side down. So what I want to do is I want to set these tubes, these half tubes, right under my arch. I don’t want to have it way up on to the ball of my foot, I don’t want to have it too much onto my heels. And once I start feeling it in my arches, I can raise too much on my toes and heels, you’ll start finding that center piece. And what we’re looking for is that the weight is use on the front of the ankles on the arches. That’s going to give me that balance so that I can rotate. If I get too much on the balls of my feet I’m going to fall forward and stop turning, if I’m too much on my heels, I’m going to lift my arms. So when I’m balance on my arches, not on my toes not on the heels, now I can go ahead and stay balanced in my rotation and my shift forward.

So find a tube, a floaty, something that you can put underneath your arches and that way you’ll feel better balance so you can swing.

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