Ben Hogan’s “Little Known” Golf Tip Takes Your Swing to

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This “Little-Known” Ben Hogan Golf Swing Tip will ELEVATE Your Golf Swing to the Next Level. This golf tip has “gone under the radar” in modern golf instruction but is a VERY IMPORTANT piece of the golf swing that Ben Hogan talked about in the downswing. What Ben Hogan discussed was the notion of “HITTING” the ball hard by AFTER starting the downswing correctly. Ben Hogan stated that IF his downswing properly, he, “Could hit the golf ball as HARD as he wanted” or that he “wished he had 3 right hands” to hit the golf ball with. How Important is that? When is the last time you heard a golf tip that told you to “hit as hard as you wanted” or even “hit hard with 3 dominant hands”?

This golf tip was largely forgotten because the role of the arms and hitting the ball hard with the dominant arm have been swept aside in modern golf instruction. Modern golf instruction focuses on the body-swing – free flowing arms that seemingly do nothing in the golf swing. There is nothing wrong with using the body to swing – in fact, I am a proponent of using the big muscles to hit the golf ball. The arms, are a big source of power and shouldn’t be neglected. Ben Hogan makes it very clear in this golf tip that you have to put yourself in a good position to HIT THE BALL HARD on the downswing.

Introduction – 0:00
Introducing the Ben Hogan Tip – 0:23
Ben Hogan Explains the Tip – 1:09
Importance of Ben Hogan’s Tip – 1:29
The Power Release – 1:55
Ben Hogan’s 3 Right Hands – 2:09
The Power of the Trail Arm – 2:24
The “Foolproof” Downswing Position – 3:00
The Role of the Arms in the Golf Swing – 3:32
Drill 1 – Train to Hit the Ball HARD – 3:49
Drill 2 – Ben Hogan’s Basketball Drill – 8:30
Lesson Notes – 11:57

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