10 MUST HAVE Items In Your Golf Bag In 2020

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10 must have items in your golf bag in 2020!! What are some of the items in your golf bags? Did someone say GOLF BAG? If you are not to golf we talk about golf bags for beginners and there are a lot of pockets in the golf back which will be explained along with golf bag organization tips. I talk about things every golfer needs and the 10 vital items all beginner golfers need in their golf bag. It is fun to see what the must have golf accessories are and the best golf bags are along with golf bags for walking. I use an Ogio golf bag as I believe that it is also the best golf bags for carts, best golf bags for travel, best golf bags for walkers. I would love to hear in the comments if you like my golf bag essentials and what is in the golf bag. Golf bag setup is something that seems overpassed and what’s in the bag is important. 10 of these items you will need in the golf bag. Watch the full video to see what’s in the golf bag. Thanks for watching Coach Shayain.

FREE DOWNLOAD OF GOLF STARTER GUIDE: Knowing the Golf Fundamentals will 100% make you a better golfer. Download for step by step guidance with the picture. Print it and put it on your golf bag so you can have it on the course for reference.
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GAPS (Grip, Aim/ Alignment, Posture, Stance) = Golf Fundamentals / Golf Setup / Address.
Watch these videos if you are new to golf and trying to learn how to hold your club, where your feet go, where to aim, where should I place my ball, how should I stand?

GRIP: https://youtu.be/9UEnfGClagI
AIM/Alignment: https://youtu.be/gUvtki7C0og
POSTURE: https://youtu.be/S_Cb0LGzD28
STANCE: https://youtu.be/f2p_A_LADbA
Here are a few links to purchase some of the 10 items for your golf bag (All Prices USD)

Golf Balls:
Nitro: https://amzn.to/2RFQhAz $10.73
Taylormade: https://amzn.to/3ckH88x $11.97

Golf Tee´s
Pack of 100 Tee´s: https://amzn.to/3co4JVX $4.18
50 Easy to Use Plastic Tee: https://amzn.to/3enkTAz $8.99

Golf Glove

Basic Golf Bag w/ 2 straps

Men´s Golf Set- Beginners
https://amzn.to/3cn1EFF $177

Ladies Golf Set with BAG- Beginners
https://amzn.to/2VrKSOE $140

00:00 Intro
00:35 #10 & #9
01:46 #8 -#6
03:48 #5 – #4
04:44 #3
05:27 #2 Golf Bag
06:26 #1 Golf Clubs

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